Tai Chi classes and training for New York and Long Island

About your instructor

Master David Alexander has practiced Tai Chi Chuan since 1978, and has taught since 1995. He received his teaching certification and advanced diploma from the prestigious Grandmaster William C.C. Chen.

The teaching approach employed fosters simultaneous health benefits, improved mind / body harmony, stress reduction, and the foundation of sports and martial art skills. This is achieved through Tai Chi Chuan instruction focused on internal connection, self-awareness, body mechanics, and energy movement.

Serving New York City and Long Island

Instructor: Master David Alexander

Group classes are currently at 6pm Sundays. Call (718) 229-2609 or click to make contact.

  • Comfortable location with easy, free parking
  • Friendly students, collegial atmosphere
  • Fee: $20 for initial trial class, remaining classes are in 8-class sessions ($160/8 classes)
  • Let us know if you are interested in or need a different day or time

Also available:

  • Individual instruction for beginning and advanced students, and for those seeking therapeutic benefits
  • Group work with organizations for health, energy, and well-being leading to team spirit

William C.C. Chen

Grandmaster William C.C. Chen, my teacher, innovated Body Mechanics as a way to enter deeply into the mind / body connection, a unique and extremely valuable contribution to the understanding of Tai Chi Chuan, and of movement in general.

Find out more about him through our alliance with Content Galaxy. Subscriptions are available at a very reasonable cost; I recommend this for those who want a wide variety of thorough videos featuring William Chen demonstrating the form as well as teaching the movements, boxing, and push hands.

Studio Class Details

We have a comfortable location with free, easy parking. Our students are friendly and we promote a collegial atmosphere. Individual or group classes can be offered at your chosen location. Call to find out more.


Northwell Center for Wellness and Integrative Medicine
1500 Old Northern Blvd, 2nd floor
Roslyn, NY 11576

Individual and organizational Tai Chi Chuan are available now, arranged for your customized schedule.

Class Schedule

We meet Sundays 6pm – 7pm (arrive 10-15 minutes early for signup).

Location is above “Besito” restaurant.


Initial trial class cost is $20.

Remaining classes are an investment of $20 per class, offered in 8-class sessions.

Prepare to expand yourself!